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How to Download Video Online

The fast and easiest method to download any video online is to use a website app like

At first, you should check whether the supported websites are included by the app you choose

General steps as below:

1. Click and get into the video you are going to watch

2. Copy the full video link

3. Paste the link in the blank box

4. Click download. It will always take a second for video analysis.

5. Click the format and resolution you want to save as, and it will redirect to the normal browser's video player

6. Right click the video and click save video as, and it will download mp4 video to your devices. Do the same job if you want to download video to mp3.

5 ways to download video:

Use Chrome developer mode
If you use Chrome, press F12 or right click to go to inspect element, check "Networks Tab", click "Media" tag in filter row, and click "Play" button on the player. Open the link in the networks tag in new tab. A video will open in normal browser's player. Then right click the on the video and "Save" to your local device.

It is a complicated method, though you don't need to use any software and it is quite safe. However, the fact is many sites especially social platform probably forbid it or hide the feature so when you press F12 you may just see an interface like "you are not allowed to use the developer mode". So let's see more options to download video

Use online video downloader
The best reason to download any video online is that most of them providing free service. You don't need to download software or input your email to sign up. People hate software as vendors try lots of ways to lead you to pay and it's not good for saving the device space.

However, to make download video as a free service, most of the sites running with ads since they need ads fees to keep the sites running. It is not a small cost on both time and money to maintenance a site.

I have to tell more about the online video downloader for some of them are not safe and friendly. There are 4 ways in general for these sites to get benefits.
1. Banner ads. The webmasters work with ad network Due to they don't want to annoy users so much but still hope to get a revenue to keep sites running, they add banner ads only.
2. Pop ads. Some of them choose this ads type since it is more beneficial. The trouble is when you try to download mp4 videos or download video to mp3, the ads will pop in every clicking on the page.
3. Donate. You will find a bit few sites set donation button and there are no ads on their websites. The fact is that few people will donate and the site will be down soon because the webmasters don't have fees the keep sites running.
4. Malware. They may be very clean or have just a little bit ads. They will lead you to download a software to download video but after you download the software, you will find it is not the one you want and your anti-malware app will give you alert about it. If you want software, it is safer to use famous app like 4K video downloader.

Software for Desktop, Android, IOS
They charge for the service but they offer more supported websites, output formats, quality options and faster speed. They are almost perfect. The only matter is that if you are willing to pay for more features.

Open source code like yt-dl
It is free and clean and it is perfect if you have some technology knowledge, or you will be stuck in the configuration for a long time

Browser extension
You can add video download extension to your browser like Chrome. But most of them will fail to recognize the video on current page. But it is the one I don't recommend as I suffered a search engine redirect virus before. When I search via Google, all results will be redirected to Bing. After I removed the extension, no redirect any more.

5 free websites to download video online:

SaveFrom is a popular online service that allows users to download videos online from various websites and social media platforms. It has gained popularity primarily for its ability to download videos from YouTube, but it also supports many other sites like Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and more.

· Ease of Use: SaveFrom is known for its simplicity. Users can easily download videos by simply pasting the video URL into the provided field on the website.
· Browser Extension: SaveFrom offers browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera, which makes downloading videos even more convenient.
· Video Quality Options: It allows users to choose the video quality they want to download, which can be handy for conserving bandwidth or getting the best video quality available.

· Ad-heavy: The website and browser extensions can be ad-heavy, which can be distracting and potentially frustrating for users.
· Not available in some geos: it closed service in some countries like US. So if you failed to open it, try alternatives like

9xbuddy was a popular online video downloader that allowed users to download videos online from various streaming platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and more.

· User-Friendly Interface: 9xbuddy had a straightforward and user-friendly interface. Users could easily paste the video URL they wanted to download and initiate the process.
· Wide Compatibility: It supported a wide range of video streaming websites, making it a versatile choice for downloading videos from different sources.
· No Software Installation: Since it was an online service, there was no need to install any software or extensions, which made it convenient for users.
· Various Download Options: 9xbuddy offered different download options, including various video resolutions and formats. Users could choose the one that best suited their needs.

· Dependence on Third-Party Sites: 9xbuddy relied on third-party websites to fetch the video content. This meant that its functionality was subject to changes made by these websites. If a particular website changed its structure or implemented stricter security measures, 9xbuddy might not work with it.
· Questionable Legality: Downloading copyrighted content without proper authorization may violate copyright laws in many countries. While 9xbuddy could be used for legal purposes like downloading your own videos or content with proper permissions, it was often used for copyright infringement.
· Ads and Pop-Ups: The website was known to have pop-up ads, which could be annoying for some users.

It is a new but great online video downloader. You can use it totally for free. Currently, it supports 40+ websites and multi options for media quality and formats. It helps analyze and download any video online in an extremely fast speed, which is not like some other tools that take several minutes to analyze link before you can download the media. Once you have some video do download online, you just need to make 3 clicks on the site to save the things you want.You can download video to mp3 & mp4 both with it.

· Easy to use
· Fast to analyze and download video
· Free to use

· Have banner ads
· Sometimes the site will be down though it will recover soon
· Just support for around 40 websites

It's another powerful tool to save video online which supports more websites. You can download video from Vimeo, Dailymotion, Twitter, Tiktok to mp4, mp3, etc. with it. It is a freeware so that you're free to explore more features of it. What's more, it offers some options for people who want desktop version and basic edit features.

· Support 1000 websites
· No banner or pop ads

· It is an affiliate site that leads traffic to other software and to help sell other software, it sometimes will fail to download video

In order to download video to Webm and FLV, then you perhaps need this tool. Most of other video downloaders just support mp4 output. Although mp4 is the best option for most of users, it provides more options to meet more needs. It is a free and easy to use tool.

· Easy to use
· Free to use
· Support Webm and FLV

· Have both banner and pop ads
· Don’t support too many sites

Is it legal to download video online?

We should consider it on two aspects. For personal use, it is obviously legal but if you download it for commercial use, it is illegal. Although it is legal but you should know that video maker benefits from the original video. They get revenue like advertisement fee in the video and they sell the online traffic to advertiser. If you download it for offline watching, the payouts they get will be down.


Watching video offline is really great since there is no video ads, no video freezing and you can watch it any time even without internet network. You don't need to worry about that the video will blocked and be not existed someday.

It is pretty convenient to download any video online since you don't need to switch to the desktop and wait for the software open. Enjoy your videos now!